The Garden Studio Membership for botanical watercolors will reopen for enrollment in late 2022. 

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Scroll through this page to find information on online courses, upcoming in-person classes, the monthly botanical art membership, and info on supplies and materials you need to get started!

The Garden Studio Membership will reopen for enrollment in late 2022.


Essential Watercolor Painting Kit

All the tools you need to start painting today!

  • A sturdy metal watercolor palette that holds 12 half-pans or 6 full-pans of watercolor paint. There is ample space to mix your colors in the mixing wells, and the pans are removable if you’d like to exchange colors at any point. A metal ring on the bottom of the palette lets you hold it sturdily in one hand while painting.

  • 12 hand-picked watercolor paints for you! Including Lemon Yellow, Gamboge, Cadmium Red, Rose, Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Hookers Green, Burnt Sienna, Payne's Grey, and more. I picked these 12 colors for their vibrance, beauty, and versatility (you can mix ANY color with these little powerhouses!). Convenience is also a factor—yes, you CAN mix your own greens, but sometimes you just want to go for the green already in the palette!

  • A medium round brush and a small detail brush perfect for just getting started with watercolors so you can make larger strokes and also practice details.

  • Two hand-drawn floral templates for you to practice on. More templates will be added to the shop soon and will be available for purchase both singly and in bundles.

  • A color mixing chart so that you can see the full range of colors and practice mixing new ones!

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