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What is The Garden Studio?

The Garden Studio is a membership filled with tutorials, classes, reviews, feedback, community, encouragement, and lessons to help you paint beautiful flowers.

Whether you have been painting for a while or just picked up a brush for the first time, in The Garden Studio I will show you how to create gorgeous botanicals.

I understand the frustration of feeling overwhelmed with a new craft or of the fear of starting something new and the perfectionism that can hold you back. 

In this community, you will grow and by leaps and bounds and blossom into an incredible botanical artist.

And best of all, you'll have fun doing it.

Watch the video below for a sneak peak inside The Garden Studio.



Hi! I'm Alex!

I'm a botanical watercolor artist and educator and I love teaching people to draw and paint flowers. I've taught thousands of students to embrace the joy found in the process of creating.

If you are ready to pursue your dream of creating, I am ready to show you everything you need to know.

You were created to create.

Come learn how.

 "The best decision I made in the last 19 months." Member Melinda M.

Robin H.

What a fantastic class and stellar teacher, Alex! I am SO enjoying this class and am quickly becoming addicted. SO relaxing. Thank you so much. I took watercolor lessons over 20 years ago and have learned more in one week than I did in a year of lessons. Thank you so much for starting out my retirement on such a happy note!!

(A note about the recent Foundations of Watercolor Class.)


Just getting started with watercolor? There are lots of beginner lessons and support available. Intimidating art classes are a thing of the past.

The Membership already has over 100 lessons ranging from drawing to painting to history to supply reviews. Live class replays, critiques, and more!

One of the most popular features of the membership are the step-by-step guides: crystal clear instructions make it easy to draw and paint flowers.

Are you a visual learner? Painting demos with multiple camera angles help to show you exactly how to move your brush and paint beautifully.

Live classes are a regular feature in the membership. It's one of the best times of community connection. We cover Q&A sessions, critiques, demonstrations, projects, and more!

Finding good reference pictures can be really difficult. In The Garden Studio, you'll have access to high-quality, high-definition reference pictures to use while drawing and painting your creations.

Lots of people are intimidated by drawing, but in the Garden Studio, intimidation is gone and you'll be surprised at how well you learn to draw. Drawing is foundational to beautiful paintings and I'll teach you everything you need to know.

We often work in thematic modules that let us fully understand the subject matter. Some upcoming themes? Hydrangeas; Fruits & Veggies; Desert Blooms; Tropical Plants; and Butterflies.

Loose florals are incredibly fun, but can be hard to grasp. With step-by-step lessons, you'll learn how to pick up your brush and create incredible loose botanical paintings without a second thought.

You have access to the entire library of past lessons as well as monthly live sessions, instruction, and upcoming demonstrations. Work at your own pace and enjoy the process with the encouragement of your peers. 

More guest teachers are going to be joining us in 2022. Learn botany; stamping; new mediums; and new styles with guest instructors coming in to teach and share their approach to botanical art.

Are you more of a studious learner who likes homework, assignments, and workbooks? I've got you covered! There are digital downloads, assignments, and occasional (optional) homework just for you!

Impostor syndrome. Fear. Perfectionism. Overwhelm. Intimidation. There is a long list of mindset issues that beset artists. In The Garden Studio, you're equipped with the skills to become a confident and contented painter.

Once you learn to paint, it's time to make a finished project. That could be a matted painting or a bookmark or a Christmas Ornament. You'll find lots of project ideas and resources within the membership. 

The Garden Studio Community is incredible. Filled with like-minded watercolor artists who have transformed into artists who enjoy the process and who happily paint gorgeous blooms. They are a constant encouragement!

Wondering which watercolor paper to use? How to pick the right blue paint? You'll find lots of product reviews and recommendations within the membership, from me (Alex) and from the community. 

Sandi M.

I met Alex through Facebook in 2020 and joined her floral watercolor group. I had an interest in watercolors back in the 1980s in college. I had played around with watercolor pencils but never liked the outcome very much. Then I found Alex. It all started with a rose, and some wildflower challenges.

Now, thanks to Alex, her wonderful teaching method, her classes in The Garden Studio Membership, and the free classes on Facebook and other platforms, I am a more confident painter using watercolors. I have grown significantly in my ability to control the medium.

I am no longer afraid to "ruin" a piece of paper, and I can pretty much say that following Alex, there hasn't been much ruining going on at all (I don't think I have ruined anything yet)! In fact, I feel very confident in my abilities all thanks to Alex as an instructor and her beautiful artwork. A happily addicted watercolorist...there I said it out loud! Thank you Alex. You help my dreams of making art come alive.


Erin B.

I studied art in high school, horticulture and floriculture in college so this is a perfect blend of the two. The techniques are broken down and so easy to follow to create your own botanical masterpiece! I love how Alex teaches both loose and the super realistic drawing of the flower. 

I fell in love with drawing and painting all over again. And it's a heck of a good time!"

Linda B.

Alex is not only a great botanical painter; she’s an amazing teacher.  I received live, interactive instruction with her via Zoom video. A secondary camera Alex installed enabled me to clearly see her hands as she demonstrated various watercolor painting techniques. I saw her brush strokes close-up and from various angles. I watched her swiftly paint yet another gorgeous flower, calmly explaining each step as she went...Alex has such a positive and encouraging spirit.  That makes me want to try harder to improve my novice painting abilities. ‘Fear is a big thing to fight against,’ she said, reminding me that the worst-case scenario is that ‘you learn something from your mistakes and have to paint some more flowers!’

Jackie W.

I definitely know that Alex’s lessons have improved my watercolor tremendously! The fact that the lessons are recorded for later review is very helpful. The membership site is very well organized and keeps us well informed as to what we will be working on in the future. Alex is always eager to go over anything again if a member asks. She is very accessible and will offer a critique of your work if you submit it to her. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with this supportive group during weekly zoom classes. You won’t regret joining this wonderful community!

Take a peek at some of the projects we've worked on over the last several months!

Melinda M.

Alex is building a thorough botanical course of study for her community of students.  The thought she put into this endeavor is ever present.  She is a highly skilled botanical artist.  She has an incredible eye for breaking compositions into their basic shapes and then teaching them.  Her demonstrations are highly visible over the camera.  Bottom line is that at the heart of this course is Alex’s heart! 

Is this membership for you? Read the questions below...if you answer "yes!" this is the place for you to grow and learn. 

  • Do you want to learn to paint, but you don't know where to start? The Garden Studio breaks down complex techniques into simple, bite-sized lessons that you can watch and practice as many times as needed.
  • Have you taken an art class before but left feeling discouraged or overwhelmed? The Garden Studio is a place of encouragement and growth where harsh words from others AND ESPECIALLY from ourselves are not allowed. Progress over perfection is our motto. 
  • Are you afraid to pick up your paint brush or pencil and create? Did you know that's normal? Lots of people feel afraid about starting a new hobby. You can start big or small, but in The Garden Studio, you'll be prepared to start from wherever you are.
  • Did you used to enjoy a creative hobby but gave it up years or maybe even decades ago? It is never too late to pursue an enriching new creative avenue. 
  • Would you like to be able to give handmade gifts; to paint the flowers in your garden; to decorate a room in your home with botanical drawings? whatever your artistic goals, The Garden Studio has the goal of equipping you with the techniques, knowledge, and tools so that you can achieve them.

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, The Garden Studio is here for you to thrive!


Sign up to know when enrollment opens next! 

The Garden Studio opens in April and October of 2022. If you'd like to learn more and be notified when enrollment is open, sign up below. 

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